What we do

DOTpapers is a personal adviser for those who are a part of corporate world or just stepping into it. Whether you are a current or potential company owner, employee or business student, our team of specialists is here to consult you regarding your education, career plans, and research in the following areas:


Business Law

Business Research

Business Management

Change Management

CSR & Sustainability

Digital Marketing





Hospitality and Tourism

Human Resource Management

Innovation & Technology

International Business & Trade



Media and Culture

Operations Management

Organisational Behavior

Project Management

Risk Management

Strategic Management

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our Philosophy

Dear Customer,


Have you ever experienced frustration, stress or lack of time during a research or task preparation? No matter how hard you try, it feels like you still need a hand, someone that will be there to support you, answer your questions and give you a direction. If yes, we can feel you. And that is why we created DOTpapers that aims to be your right hand during your challenging journey.

DOT stands for Done On Time. It means that we are here to get your tasks done on time without obstacles. Our mission is to make you succeed and rock the corporate world !



Your Personal Consultant, DOTpapers